As a family of varied interests, we each have different places we like to play. Meet our family and see if one of our interests matches yours.

JOHN'S PAGE: Where the wetlands will exist! (Of course, when I'm done)

ELKE'S PAGE: Mother of three likes to play, too! Contests, freebies, gardening, cooking and more!!!!

DAN'S NOWHERE: Music, music, music, and other stuff I like.

KIERA'S FUN HOUSE: Girls stuff and a room she doesn't to pick up.

Northeastern Pennsylvania: Come check out what we have in our neck of the woods.

Search the web: Here's your source for all the search engines you can possibly need. Our personal favorite is Highway 61, which is a metasearch. One search returns results from several different search engines at one and it even gives you fun quotes to read while you're waiting!


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